interior design, landscaping.


Paco Cobo del Arco

Barcelona (1971).

Architect by ETSAB graduated 1998.

“When I was a kid I grew up hearing my father talk about the constructions that worked on as a technical architect, we also often visited and admired the cranes and bridges at the harbor in Barcelona, where my grandfather had been the team assembly leader … I grew up in Barcelona, my bedroom window was facing la Sagrada Familia that grew taller in the skyline every year as did my passion for architecture.”


I studied at the School of Architecture in Barcelona ETSAB, graduated in 1998, architecture Is for me part of who I am, I have learned and developed my sensibility and I believe that nowadays, after 20 years as an architect my architecture has mature, but my passion and my energy to be challenged still intact and I want to carry on expanding my horizons.

Passionate about architecture

Cobodelarco is an architect and interior design firm based in Palamós founded by architect director Paco Cobo del Arco in 2001. We offer integral architectural and interior design, and landscaping for residential properties. Our projects are conceived from the start to achieve a great design that integrates the architecture with the landscape and fulfils the functionality required by our clients enhancing the unique location of every property. Our priority is to create a home for our clients with a timeless design.

Our commitment is to offer the best design, with technical rigor throughout all the phases of the project till its completion. We can offer you full support throughout the project from its inception to its completion as we have multidisciplinary, versatile and experienced team. Our designs have been recognized in various publications and our good reputation in ​​the Costa Brava has made us into a referral architectural firm.